How do we help?

At Bonham and Brook, we’re dedicated to helping businesses grow. Our team is made up of financial professionals and technical experts from a variety of industries, all with substantial experience in R&D tax relief. With our expertise, you can be confident that you’re making the most of your business.

Technical Assessment

Projects are thoroughly evaluated by our team of consultants and technical experts with hands-on experience in your sector to identify the qualifying R&D activities.

Financial Calculation

Through a professional and compliant data extraction process, R&D expenditures are collected and minutely assessed by our CPAs and financial experts to maximize the claim and calculate the tax credit.


At the end of the claim preparation, the client is provided with a detailed document compiled by our specialists to support their claim financially and technically, elaborating both on the qualifying activities and expenses.


In the event of questions or an inquiry from the IRS about claims submitted with us, we jump in and support you with defending your R&D projects.

Why work with us?

  • We have extensive knowledge of IRS legislation nuances.
  • Our rigorous quality-control process ensures your claim is compliant with IRS criteria.
  • We prioritize time efficiency and ensure a smooth collaboration with minimal disruption to your business flow.
  • Our fee is success-based, meaning we only get paid after the IRS approves your claim.