The Bonham & Brook Partnership Plan

Partner with us and let us find funding to boost your business!

Our job at Bonham & Brook is creating opportunities for our partners through mutually beneficial relationships. Throughout our journey, we partnered with several VC firms, associations, incubators, workspaces, and accountants.


Access our expertise in R&D tax credits and reduce your taxes by partnering with us.

The IRS provides businesses with an R&D tax credit to offset their taxes and encourage them to invest in innovation. We put expertise into work to maximize your benefit and optimize your claims through an adapted partnership plan.

Step One

We give you an overview of the R&D tax credit in the USA and we determine our scope of work for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Together, we define businesses and activities with the potential to qualify for R&D tax credits. We identify the scope of work and put our expertise at your service to maximize your clients’ claims.

Step Two

Your Partnership Manager takes over and assists you with your clients’ claim progress. Along the road, other joint opportunities can be identified including campaigns and exclusive events.

Step Three

Our expertise in the innovation incentive industry is unparalleled. We are confident in the work we do, and that’s why our collaboration with our clients and partners is on a success-fee basis.

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